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What is VESA?

Published : 2021-06-15 10:46:33
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 How to know the VESA of your TV

VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) is the standard used by manufacturers of television sets and wall mounts. It defines the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the television. Each television usually has four holes that form either a square or a rectangle. To find out the VESA standard of a TV or monitor, you can consult the instructions or measure the distances between the mounting holes.


 VESA support ecran plat

Examples :

The distance between the screws is 400mm horizontally and 400mm vertically, so your VESA standard will be 400x400.

The distance between the screws is 400mm horizontally and 200mm vertically, so your VESA standard will be 400x200.

Today, the most common sizes are: 200 x 200 for TVs up to 43 inches, 400 x 400 for TVs up to 65 inches, and even 600 x 400 for larger TVs.


Which TV stand should I choose depending on the VESA of my TV?

There are several types of TV stands: fixed or adjustable wall stands, TV stands with columns or TV stands. For each of its products, in addition to the information on the maximum weight of the screen supported, ERARD indicates the compatible VESA dimensions in the form of a pictogram to make your search easier.


In order to choose the right product for the right VESA within the ERARD range, you will find a selection aid with VESA compatibilities by clicking on the following link:  : VESA compatibility for mounts / VESA compatibility for columns and floor stands

Another important element is that our TV stands, columns and/or stands contain a universal screw kit to fix the screen (even OLED) to the stand.

In order to avoid any question about the VESA of your TV, ERARD has a range of UNIVERSAL brackets: these are fixed or tiltable brackets covering VESA from 50 to 800mm, thanks to their wall plate that can be split to adapt to all screen sizes.

See you range Universals APPLIK :



The VESA standard for computer monitors

The VESA standard also applies to computer monitors and screens that are wall-mounted or installed on desk stands. In general, these are 'small VESA' sizes of between 75 and 100 mm. With this in mind, ERARD has recently launched a range of tilting and swivelling desk mounts for this purpose: The OFFICE range.

See you OFFICE range



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