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Custumer Service Charter

1.  Charter

This charter applies to the entire range of products marketed by ERARD.

2.  Warranty

a.   Scope of Warranty

ERARD products are warranted against all visible and hidden material and manufacturing defects. ERARD’s contractual warranty terms are stated in the factsheet attached to every product.
Spares and replacements are guaranteed to be available throughout the term of the warranty.

b.  Obligations

To be entitled to invoke the benefit of the warranty terms, the buyer must:
- Notify ERARD immediately in writing of all material defects, including proof of defect.
- Give ERARD every opportunity to verify that the fault exists and to remedy it.
- Unless it has the express prior consent of ERARD, not attempt to repair or modify, by itself or by a third party, the claimed defect.
- Have any aspect of the material modified by a third party.

c.   Warranty Implementation Procedure

ERARD’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing free of charge the product or parts recognized as faulty, in accordance with the recommendations of ERARD’s customer service department or customer service manager, unless such repair or replacement proves to be impossible or disproportionate or if implementing the warranty would contravene the exclusions in the Customer Service Charter. The rules governing this warranty and exclusions, such as visible defects, faults, deterioration, modifications to the product not authorized by ERARD, and improper installation or use, are stated in the Customer Service Charter (Section 3. Procedures / B. Exclusions”.)

d.  Length of Warranty

The following table shows the warranty period per product family:




(Excluding hinges & locks)

Lacquered furniture


Drives  / moving parts
& electrical equipment


 LODUS accessories

Antenna accessories

Electrical connections





10 years


2 years


10 years

Liftime warranty


2 years


10 years


2 years


7 years


2 years

*5 years

*7 years

*Lifetime Warranty

*Products concerned: cable HDMI according to the following category: EFFICIENT – PERFORM – FLEX – IMMUNITY.
*Ranch of EXO wall mount

Spares and replacements are guaranteed to be available throughout the term of the warranty.
* Replacement parts are guaranteed to be available throughout the term of the warranty.

NB: All electrical systems and mechanical devices (such as hinges and door locks) are warranteed for 2 years.

e.   Effective Date

The warranty takes effect on the date on which it is sold to the end customer. The warranty start date is evidenced by the customer’s purchase invoice.

f.    Availability of replacement parts

ERARD promises to make replacement parts available during the statutory warranty period, from the customer’s purchase date for all its products whether they are expressly covered by the product warranty or not.

3. Procedures

a.   Products under Warranty

ERARD promises, within 21 days of receiving the faulty product, to repair or replace it with an identical product, or with a product with equivalent performance to the faulty product. The purchase invoice must be submitted as proof of warranty entitlement.

A claim that a delivered product has a missing part, must be reported by the buyer within fifteen days following the purchase date (as attested by the invoice date) to our customer service department.

The warranty requires proof of purchase and a copy of the corresponding ERARD warranty.

b.   Exclusions

The warranty covers only normal intended use, requires proof purchase and does not cover:

-       Damage caused by factors extraneous to the device, such as lightning, the product falling or being dropped, water damage, fire, etc.

-       Non-natural chemical damage such as galvanic corrosion (electrolytic pairing).

-       Negligence during installation.

-       Deterioration due to improper storage or installation.

-       Damage due to unusual use contrary or not conforming to the recommendations in this guide.

-       Modifications or repairs made by a person not authorized by ERARD.


The following also are not covered:

-       Returned products in which no faults can be found.

-       Presentation/exhibition prototypes.

-       Items (or parts of them including spares) damaged during transit.

-       Claims submitted more than 15 days after product purchase date.

c. Quotation

Quotation of the cost of spare parts for ERARD products are provided free of charge. Estimates are valid for fifteen days of being issued.

d. Product Acceptance

When receiving the products, the buyer must check, in the presence of the carrier, that they comply with the purchase order and that they have been delivered in proper condition. In the case of a non-conformity, the buyer must immediately notify ERARD by fax, confirmed by registered mail including confirmation of receipt form, within no more than three days from reception date. Failure to do so shall be considered confirmation that the Buyer accepts the product unreservedly and acknowledges that it matches the order.

Should any or all of the shipment be damaged or missing, the buyer must notify the carrier in writing by fax, in accordance with article L.133-3 of the French Commercial Code, including a full detailed accurate account of the claim along with proof, confirmed by registered mail including confirmation of receipt form, within three days of receiving the product. The buyer may obtain a replacement product free of charge or a refund, at ERARD’s discretion, with no further recourse available.

e. Product return incomplete or defective

All Product returns by the Customer, for any reason whatsoever, must be expressly agreed in advance by ERARD. If not agreed in advance, the Customer may not claim a replacement for the returned product, or claim a refund, or any other compensation.

The returns consent number may be obtained:

-       By phone: (+33)

-       By email:


Once the returns consent number is obtained, the product(s) must be sent to the following address (The returns number must be visible on the outside of the package):


ZI de Chavanoz

4 route de la plaine

38236 PONT DE CHERUY, France


The return of a product incomplete or defective under warranty is the responsibility of ERARD otherwise, for all returns, the buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance costs. Products must be returned in their original packaging.
In all cases, ERARD has the right, after checking the condition of the returned product, to refuse to replace or reimburse the disputed item.
Resume of products made further to error of order will be the object of a request of product return by e-mail with the customer department: