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How to fix a TV support on PLACO: which solution(s)?

Published : 2021-04-08 15:31:12
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Colonne + support inclinable & orientable avec déport pour écrans de 30'' à 85''

Would you like to mount your screen on your PLACO wall? Do you want to easily install your mount without undertaking major work? Although plasterboard is a very popular material in home interiors, because it is easy to install and very affordable, its load-bearing capacity is limited, which is why certain fixing rules are necessary. ERARD gives you some essential advice and presents its new solution: EXOSTAND.

When you want to fix a heavy load such as a TV screen to plasterboard, you have to take into account the pull-out strength. This is especially true when the load is offset from the wall, which can often be the case when installing TV supports (with offset arms).


2 possible techniques for mounting a TV wall mount with offset on PLACO :

To install your large TV screen on a plasterboard wall support, you have 2 solutions:


1)      Find the wall (concrete or stone) behind the plasterboard, thanks to threaded rods: you will then be able to fix your large TV screen with peace of mind, but this solution is not easy, especially if you are not a handyman.

2)      Finding the metal or wooden rails/profiles in the plasterboard: this technique is actually simpler than fixing your TV support to the load-bearing wall, but it can still be restrictive, since the space between these profiles can vary from 450mm to 600mm. To find this spacing, you will need to use a material detector if they are made of metal, or tap on the plasterboard to find the wooden rails "by ear". In this case, it is necessary to use specific screws for plasterboard.


EXOSTAND: the first wall-mounted TV support with offset that is truly compatible with PLACO !

To meet the demand for a wall-mounted TV support with offset, compatible with PLACO®, ERARD has designed EXOSTAND: consisting of a floor-wall column, a TV support and a peripheral shelf, this all-in-one unit is the first adjustable and tiltable solution that is truly compatible with plasterboard partitions, without the need to be fixed to the metal or wooden rails of the partitions, or to the load-bearing wall.

FThe result of the work of ERARD engineers, its "T" shape and its high and rigid structure enable the load to be transferred to the floor, the plasterboard being six times less stressed than with a standard TV support. Our pull-out tests with a load of 123 kg on standard BA13 walls guarantee a secure fixing without the need to screw your load into the wall. We even supply the bracket with expansion screws (Molly type) and the appropriate installation tool.

The EXOSTAND also offers the possibility to easily adjust the height of the screen and the removable shelf after installation.

Finally, this TV stand is of course compatible with all types of screen (LCD, LED and OLED between 30 and 85''), integrates a cable routing system directly into the column and remains pleasing to the eye.

See you, EXOSTAND-range :



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